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The Smartest Copyright Protection Service for Visual Creators

PIXMOLE delivers the most comprehensive copyright enforcement capabilities, driven by cutting edge technology and personalized service. We handle every aspect of the process, from onboarding and search to legal handling.

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Monitoring - Usage


PIXMOLE's proprietary technology continuously combines extremely broad scans with in-depth crawling of multiple channels, applying machine learning to provide a highly sensitive detection of digital media usage with a low false-positive rate.

Analysis and Case


Our team of highly experienced intelligence and media analysts identify illegal usages which are actionable and viable. They employ a deep understanding of the media market and clients' workflow by filtering out authorized usages from their clients and distributors. 



Our local legal partners will handle the case in order to reach a fair settlement with the infringing party. Based on our legal partners' advice, the case may be litigated if a settlement cannot be achieved.

Where Do

We Operate? 

PIXMOLE partners with top law firms in every country we operate in. Currently PIXMOLE operates in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Poland, Israel, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Croatia, Turkey, and more.

PIXMOLE Operates Worldwide

PIXMOLE operates worldwide, helping photography agencies, professional photographers and other visual creators protect their works from unauthorized use. We believe that visual creators deserve to get recognition and payment for their hard work and that is our goal.

​We Take Almost All of the Work Off Your Hands

By combining advanced automated detection with human analysts, we take almost all of the work off your hands, letting you focus on your work. Our service provides end-to-end handling of unauthorized usages, from detection to taking care of legal matters. When you work with us, you won’t have to sort through all the possible matches. Instead, you'll receive a detailed, curated list of likely unauthorized usages.

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