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  • Why PIXMOLE?
    PIXMOLE delivers the most comprehensive copyright enforcement capabilities, driven by cutting edge technology and personalized service. We handle every aspect of the process, from onboarding and search to legal handling.
  • What is PIXMOLE?
    PIXMOLE is a technology company built to help photographers, photo agencies, painters and other visual artists protect their copyrights. We detect unauthorized use of your works and help you get paid, using automated technology together with personalized service. We handle every aspect of the process, from onboarding and searching for infringements to handling any legal action, and are paid only from the income we create for you.
  • How exactly does it work?
    1. Photo agencies and professional photographers upload their archives to our cloud platform. 2. The platform detects usages of the pictures on the web and social media. 3. A team of professional analysts examines the usages and determines which are likely to be unauthorized, and delivers them to the photographer in a custom report. 4. The photographer decides which cases to take action on and PIXMOLE assigns the case to one of the lawyers in our network. 5. The lawyer will seek to reach a settlement with the infringer or pursue legal action. 6. The settlement amount will be divided between covering PIXMOLE's costs and the photographer.
  • Who is PIXMOLE's service meant for?
    PIXMOLE's clients are professional creators of visual art and the owners of the copyrights to that art - photographers and photo agencies, painters, designers and more.
  • Where do we operate?
    In order to issue demand letters, conduct negotiations, and pursue legal action where needed, PIXMOLE partners with top law firms in every country in which we operate. Currently PIXMOLE operates in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Poland, Israel, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Turkey, Brazil and more.
  • How much does the service cost?
    PIXMOLE's service is based on success - we only get paid once you have been paid. In most cases, you keep 50% of the recovery, and the remaining 50% is split between PIXMOLE and our legal partners. There are no other fees, no fixed fees, and no monthly subscriptions.
  • What exactly do I get in return?
    1. Automatic, ongoing detection of infringements on the web and social media 2. Analysis of the findings by our analysts, providing highly accurate results with little noise 3. Full documentation of any unauthorised usage, which can later be used in case the site is taken down 4. Demand letters sent by expert attorneys, who can conduct negotiations and pursue legal action, if needed
  • What is required from me?
    PIXMOLE is built with the photographers’ needs in mind. We aim to take most of the work, related to copyright infringements detection and handling, off your hands. So there is actually very little we will need from you: 1. To begin, start uploading your images to our cloud, and provide a list of clients, if available. 2. After that, you are only required to let our analysts know which of the suspected usages found by them are actually infringements and how they should be handled.
  • What do we need to get started?
    1. Contact our team in order to get a full overview of the process. 2. Sign up and approve our terms of service. 3. Upload your images - you can upload to your account on our web site, to our Drive, send by WeTransfer, or give us access to an existing cloud storage. 4. Provide a list of your regular clients and any agencies you work with.
  • Which images should I upload?
    A few rules of thumb: 1. Most importantly - you must be the legal copyright owner of anything you upload. If you have doubts about a certain group of photos, please do not upload them at first. 2. Upload any set of images that has ever left your computer and was meant to be published, even if eventually it wasn’t. If it reached or could have reached the internet, it should be uploaded. 3. The more pictures you upload, the better our chances of detecting your online usages. 4. We prefer low resolution - 600 pixels on the short side at 72 dpi. Only have larger resolution? Don't worry about it - we can reduce larger files.
  • Do I need to upload my entire archive?
    The more pictures we monitor, the better our chances of detecting your online usages. That being said, we know that going through your entire archive can sometimes be a heavy task. You can upload your archive bit by bit. We do limit the amount of pictures to 10,000 per account. If you require more than that, please contact us.
  • How do I transfer the images?
    1. Upload to your account on PIXMOLE website. 2. Request an upload folder on our cloud Drive. 3. WeTransfer - send to 4. Share specific folders on your cloud drive with us.
  • Does it matter if my images have a watermark?
    No, we can detect usages of your images whether or not they include a watermark.
  • Do you need full resolution images?
    We actually prefer low resolution images - preferably around 600 pixels on the short side at 72 dpi. If you don’t have low resolution versions, you can provide the files you have and we will resize them.
  • How do I upload images to my account on PIXMOLE website?
    Go to 'Images' Page and create projects to contain the images. As a general rule of thumb: Upload your folders, in the same manner they are stored in your personal archive. Upload your photos in projects arranged by your original project names. Alternatively, you can arrange the images by date. For example project “January 2021”, or “2021-01” or "2021" – whatever is right for you. Please do not upload more than 1000 photos in one folder. Note that you cannot upload a folder within a project – only photos can be uploaded to the created project. If something went wrong, don’t worry! Duplicate uploads of the same photo will not be uploaded twice. Keep original file name and metadata Last but not least: we prefer small-size photos, 600 pixels on the short side at 72 dpi. If you encounter a problem resizing your photos please contact us and we will be happy to assist.
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